Easter Concert 2016

Conductor: Sanja Drljaca, Soloist: Sava Djukic
Saturday, 7 May 2016, 7:30pm
Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church, Nicholson St & Glenlyon Rd, Brunswick East, Vic, 3057
Free entry


Dear friends,

The message of the Easter season is that without love there is no life and that only through love and sacrifice for others can the impossible be achieved. Easter Concert 2016 is our recognition of this important message and its performance is meant to be a gift of gratitude and expression of our love to all the people who have in various ways encouraged and supported our efforts throughout the years: to those who enthusiastically cheered and applauded after every song we performed (despite the occasional mistake we made); to those who had words of praise for our work and to those who offered constructive criticism; to numerous friends, family members and members of the Serbian community who generously surrendered their own time in order to help us organise and take part in various events; to our past members and our future members. In a word, this concert is a gift to all those who gave us their love and support, even if in the most imperceptible way: by feeling good after our performances and thinking approvingly of our singing.

For such an enduring love and support there is no more befitting way of expressing our gratitude than by performing for you parts of the Easter Divine Liturgy, that most wondrous and most joyful time in the Orthodox tradition when the past, the present and the future, the heaven and the earth, the living, the dead and the yet to be born, come together to create a moment of perfection through harmony, communion and love. So, join us and we will sing for you some of the most beautiful Easter songs and hymns that best express that unique feeling of togetherness and love that we share with you.

3rd December, 2015

Dear friends,

We are delighted to announce that our choir Serbian Choral Society of Melbourne, is the recipient of Victoria’s Multicultural Award for Excellence 2015 in the category of Award for Meritorious Service to the Community (Organisations). Only four organisations received this prestigious award this year. We are very proud that our efforts in nurturing, presenting and sharing the Serbian choral tradition with other cultures in Australia, have been recognised by the Victorian Government.

Serbian Choral Society received the award “for sharing the Serbian culture with Melbourne, and their cooperation with other Serbian and ethnic choirs, artistic and folk groups including Greek, Antiochian, Russian and the Romanian Orthodox Church.”

The awards were presented in a special ceremony at Government House on Thursday 3rd December, 2015. The people who received the award on behalf of the choir were Dragana Ivanovic, our supporter who nominated the choir for the award, and Sinisa Duboka and Rajko Vukcevic, members of the choir.

The most deserving of this honour, our conductor and artistic director Sanja Drljaca regrettably could not be present at the award ceremony since, on the same day, she was engaged in another event with a view of sharing Serbian culture, tradition and history with other Australian communities, the Commemoration of 70 Years since the Liberation of Extermination Camp Jasenovac.

plakata zlato

“Victoria is home to a rich diversity of cultures, languages and faiths. This diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence are an important way for the Victorian Government and the Victorian Multicultural Commission to publically acknowledge Victorians who embrace our diversity. Now in their 14th year, these awards pay tribute to those individuals, communities and organisations who contribute to our successful multicultural and inclusive society.
I commend and congratulate all recipients for their hard work, dedicated service and achievements over the past year.”

The Hon. Robin Scott MP
Minister for Multicultural Affairs


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